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Evan Shore CAD Capsule

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Eliminate the Need for a Timer

The small borosilicate rod contained within the heart of this pure quartz ampule is where the magic happens… The Cadmium glass is sensitive to heat and when the capsule gets hot, it turns red! Once the heat is removed, the CAD Capsule begins its transformation back to yellow! It is a visual indication of the temperature of the quartz; passing through every shade of orange as it returns back to yellow.


The additional quartz from the CAD Capsule increases the heat retention of your banger!


Every single CAD Capsule is manufactured entirely by hand (with the aid of some very precise equipment) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each CAD core is vacuum sealed, and pressure tested. This ensures no contaminants can enter or damage the core. Each product goes through several levels of quality control to ensure every banger is absolutely perfect. All products are produced using American GE214 Quartz, the highest quality quartz available.


  • CAD assisted Cooldown
  • Highest Quality Quartz Available
  • All American Product
  • Compatible with all bangers!