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Randy's Black Label Cleaner Caps

Regular price $10.00

  • 3 individually sized silicone caps. 
  • Seals glassware openings for quick, easy cleanings. 
  • Solid black stretchy silicone. 

Seal your glassware for quick and easy cleaning and for safe travels! The new Randy's Black Label Cleaner Caps are the perfect accessory to keep your pieces safe and like new.

Each set includes 3 caps which will fit most pipe openings to seal in water and smells.

The included sizes are:

  • 2.8 inch / 72mm
  • 1.9 inch / 47mm
  • 1.4 inch / 35mm

The caps can stretch and fit snugly around most mouthpieces and openings for a sure fit. Just put in some Randy's Black Label Cleaner, cap the openings, and shake it up for a quick clean!